Review: Blade Of The Destroyer by Andy Peloquin

Title: Blade Of The DestroyerBucelarii - Copy
Author: Andy Peloquin
Publication Date: July 11, 2015
Genre: Dark Fantasy

I received a copy of this book for an honest review


An immortal assassin for hire without a past, the Hunter’s very name strikes terror into the hearts of the citizens of Voramis, and the thought of facing death at the end of his aptly named blade, Soulhunger, is enough to make the bravest tremble in fear.
Accepting what at first appeared to be just another contract, he is soon caught up in a web of deceit and betrayal which have disastrous repercussions and will cause him to question everything he thought he knew about the city where he plies his ‘trade’, while shedding light on who and what he really is.

Hunter gets around

My Thoughts

The city of Voramis, the main setting, is a medieval city. It is brought to life through rich, detailed descriptions and you can almost smell the air and feel the wind caressing our face. You get a good feeling of what life is life for the inhabitants, whether it is the power and avarice of the nobles or the poverty and desperation of the poor.

The story is told through the POV of the Hunter and we get unrestricted access to his thoughts. We get to experience firsthand his frustrations at not having memories of who he really is, the pleasure he gets from the bond with the blade Soulhunger whenever he takes a life and his compassion for those he has taken under his wings.
The story progresses at a steady pace with no shortage of action which holds your attention. Several plot twists keep you guessing which makes for a very captivating read. The fighting scenes were also very detailed and appears to be well researched. I got the sense of a graphic novel feel from it.

There is magic sublty interwoven within  the story but it is not predominant. This gives the story a more realistic feel and doesn’t leave the reader struggling to understand a complex magical system which lends to the overal smooth pace.

Expect some of this:

many teeth monster hunter battling the demonThere were a few minor issues that I came across although these did not impact my overall enjoyment.
In the opening chapter the writer uses the word ‘canopy’ when talking about the forest floor. There were also a couple of incidents where I felt that the Hunter was not true to his character. I know it was meant to demonstrate his humanity but it felt too farfetched.
I would have liked ‘the Hunter’ to have a real name but maybe that’s part of the whole mystery that is the Hunter and might be revealed in later books.
There is a curse phrase that was used throughout by almost everyone who had direct encounters with Hunter that I felt was overused and unimaginative. I just couldn’t see how everyone would use that same curse phrase time and time again.


Sin City meets Assassins Creed meets Priest (movie)!

assassins creed voramis2 HunterThis book deals with the issues of human nature, identity, self-discovery and finding one’s place in the world.
The Hunter’s character unfolds as the story progresses and although he seems invincible at first, we soon get to see his humanity. The author holds true to the essence of dark fantasy and does not hold back from killing off characters to create the necessary change and instigate the metamorphosis of his anti-hero.
In the end, a new Hunter is forged through the fires of betrayal, despair, grief, revenge, self-discovery and hope.

5 stars

I recommend this for lovers of dark fantasy, graphic novels and action packed scenes. Fans of Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire series and fans of Scott Lynch should find this interesting.

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