Book Tag: Mid-year Book Freak Out

In my perusal of booktube and book-blogs, I have come across these book ‘tags’. Since I am a newbie and don’t really ‘know’ anyone who can tag me, I’ve decided to tag myself because I like this tag. I did ask Google if this is Ok and since I didnt receive any answers saying I can’t I went ahead and did so.


Hopefully, by doing so, I have not just committed some book-blogging faux pas. If so, then to avoid such in the future, feel free to tag me!

Best Book I’ve Read So Far In  2015

It was difficult to choose only one book but this one met and surpassed my expectations.

queen of shadows

Best Sequel I’ve Read in 2015

I enjoyed the first book but I loved this one. Tonmerion’s character development was interesting to experience.


New Release That I haven’t Read Yet But Want To Read

I did start reading this but couldn’t get into it. I sometimes have this problem when I’ve been eagerly awaiting a release and then I have it and I’m afraid it might not live up to my expectations.

dragon coast

Most Anticipated Read for the Second Half of the Year

I simply cannot wait for this! I loved the first 3 books and I’m eagerly anticipating this one. It had better not disappoint!


frozen tides - Copy (2)

Biggest Disappointment

I didn’t love the first book but I was hoping that what I disliked would have been improved in the sequel but…nope. I don’t know if I will finish it or not. Maybe once the third book is out, I’ll try again.

lair of dreams

Biggest Surprise

I was not too sure about this one. I am happy I decided to read it. It was not a deep book but it was very entertaining.

stars never rise

Favourite New Author

The Hunter is my new favourite antihero. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Bucelarii - Copy

New Fictional Crush

Rowan in:

Need I explain? Age and experience means that Rowan is not some bumbling boy but a real man in every way! That’s hot!

queen of shadows

Book That Made Me Cry (sort of)

I could really empathise with Laia and the people she comes into contact with. I plan to re-read this in Dutch once the sequel is out.

ember ashes

Book That Made Me Happy

Farden really stepped up to save the day. I hope to hear more of him in the near future.

dead strs2

Favourite Book Review I’ve Written

This was a fun and easy review to write because I enjoyed this book so much.

Bucelarii - Copy

Most Beautiful Book I have Bought/ Received

I received this beauty fron NetGalley. I really love the colours!


Which Book  I Need to Read Before The End Of The Year

I have been meaning to read this for a long time and now its all together in one volume, how can I resist?


the broken empire omnibus




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