Blog Tour: Mathieu by Irene Ferris

Welcome everyone to my stop on the Mathieu Blog Tour courtesy of Sage’s Blog Tours! Today I have for you a review as my contribution to this tour.To follow the rest of the tour please click on the banner above or in the sidebar.

Author: Irene Ferris
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Robyn Lane Books

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

Book Description mathieu
When Mathieu followed his king to war, he knew the Crusades were holy, that God went with him, and that he would return to the arms of his truest love. 800 years later, enslaved by the demon Gadreel, all Mathieu knows is pain.
After winning his freedom, Mathieu emerges from the dark void of captivity, only to find himself facing the soul of the love he left behind, in the eyes of Jenn Bartlett. Can he do the terrifying thing she asks of him, and still save her from the monster he has become? Or will the darkness overcome them both?

My Review

This was a really good read.

The story, told from the POV of Mathieu is captivating, emotional and at times nerve wracking. Poor Mathieu can’t seem to catch a break. After centuries of abuse; physical,  spiritual and mental, he just wants to stay far away from humankind so as not to hurt them through this strange power he now possesses. He struggles with his faith and the burden of all the death he feels responsible for.

The story is told through two timelines and I felt this was appropriate and well executed. The storyline in the past helps to shed light on all that transpired to shape Mathieu into who or what he has become and where his fears stem from.I found his character to be multi-faceted and emotionally charged. I understood his struggles, cared about his pain and saw the reasons for his actions.

Quite a few issues are dealt with including faith and the loss thereof, desperation and a hunkering for redemption, abuse, selfishness, greed for power and selflessness. Unfortunately, the demons were not the only bad guys. Some of the characters demonstrated a thirst for power and a moral ambiguity which lead them to sacrificing anyone to further their cause even those they are supposed to love and protect!

This was an interesting tale with some unexpected twists. At first it seemed fairly straight-forward, but then one realised there was a lot more going on than is immediately apparent. There is suspense and mystery and danger enough to make it worth your while. All in all an interesting read!


4 stars


I would recommend this for lovers of paranormal fiction/fantasy.

Author Bio

irene ferrisIRENE FERRIS wanted to be an archeologist paleontologist astronaut when she grew up. Instead, life pushed her into insurance claims to expiate her past life sins. Obviously, she was a horrible person. Writing dulls the pain, has fewer calories than alcohol and is (mostly) completely legal.
She lives the dream in the humid paradise that is Florida with her exceptionally patient husband, daughter, and two extremely stupid cats. She is well on her way to her retirement goal of being a crazy cat lady. All she needs is thirty-seven more cats.

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7 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Mathieu by Irene Ferris

  1. Thank you so much for your review! It really means so much to me that you enjoyed the story–I have been on pins and needles with “What if nobody likes it?” so now I feel so much better. Thanks again!

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