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Welcome to The Bloody City Virtual Book Tour. For my stop today, I have my review, an excerpt and a Guest Post by the author. Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway for a chance to win a $20 Amazon/BN Gift Card!


The Bloody City the bloody city

Author: Megan Morgan

Published : Nov 10, 2015

GENRE: Urban Fantasy


On the run…

It’s been four months since the head of the Institute of Supernatural Research was murdered. But that doesn’t mean June Coffin is out of hiding yet. In a world where being different can get you killed, it’s best to keep a low profile. Especially for a Siren who can control other people with the call of her voice. That goes double if your powers might be inexplicably growing…

On the hunt…

But June isn’t the only one trying to clear her name. There’s Sam, the charismatic paranormal rights leader, and Micha, the first human on record to go paranormal. All of them must bargain with a mysterious vampire named Occam Reed if they want to stay alive.

Out of time…

As tensions increase between humans and paranormals, June must decide who to trust. If only she could hear the song inside her heart…



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My Review

In this sequel to ‘The Wicked City’, June and her friends are still in a tight spot and have no choice but to seek an alliance with the vampires. The vampires however are not to be trusted, because they would like nothing better than to be the last ones standing, but it seems they are highly interested in June…why?

I enjoyed the second book a bit more than the first. The pacing was more even and the dialogue flowed easier. June is still her usual brash self but I have grown to like her sarcasm.

The vampires are more present and some of the mystery surrounding them gets revealed. I’m not sure I like how they are portrayed. I don’t think being able to live beyond the usual lifespan of humans  and being immune to diseases should equate to not being fastidious about one’s surroundings and or appearance. Eeeuw! But it does add to the whole creep factor with the vamps. They are sly creaures, at least the militant vamps are and Occam is cruel and self-serving and never just ‘helps’; there is always a catch.

There is still a lot of political intrigue with paranormals being split into two factions. Robbie, former right hand man of Sam the ‘leader’ for the paranormals is determined to bring down the Institute and has no qualms destroying the very same paranormals he claims to want to protect and defend. His God-complex will cause so many to lose their lives.

Sam, still claiming to be the smartest man, doesnt’t seem to very smart in this book. He is constantly off his game and misses vital clues that could have saved so many of his people. But there is a valid reason for his distraction and I could really empathise with him.

A revelation about June comes to light and I had been wondering what it would be. I had suspected something was up with her food allergies which always seemed to be getting worse and the reveal helped to shed light on that and fitted in nicely with the plot. It also added intrigue and suspense and created an interest for the next book in this series.

Overall, an entertaining read with some tense moments, betrayals and revelations, which aroused and satisfed my curiosity.

Read an EXCERPT:


The whole thing was like attending one’s own funeral, only slightly less creepy.

Midway through the next speech, movement behind the stage caught June’s attention. A group of people were gathering back there. Her spirits lifted. Maybe the FBI was about to throw down.

“What’s going on back there?” Sam stood on his tiptoes.

“Probably more people who want to talk.” June sighed.

She skimmed the crowd, seeing if anyone looked as bored as she felt. A familiar face popped out for a split second, and she quickly looked back at the spot. She had to be imagining things.

She wasn’t.

Roughly thirty yards away in the tight-packed crowd, a man stood, staring at them. He wore a hoodie despite the heat, the hood pulled up and shielding his face. His eyes were bloodshot and watery.

“Sam.” She scrabbled at his hand. “Someone’s watching us.”

The man moved toward them. The speaker on stage had finished and other people were coming out. Sam was focused there, but he looked at June, and then around.

“Occam,” she whispered. “To the left.”

Occam pushed up next to them and stopped. His eyes were rimmed with red, his skin flushed.

“I know you’re in there,” he taunted.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sam whispered.

Dread welled in June’s chest. The intensity of Occam’s gaze chilled her to the bone beneath the blazing sun.

The blazing sun. A vampire was out in broad daylight. He didn’t even have the benefit of shade, like at the clinic. Why?

“Get out of here,” Occam said. “Or you are going to die.”


Author Guest Post:


I love writing stories with paranormal elements for one huge reason: I don’t have to follow the rules! I get to make up the perimeters of the world I’m playing in. Even classic paranormal creatures like vampires, werewolves, and ghosts don’t adhere to one accepted canon, so I’m free to make things up. This is a great big plus for me because it doesn’t constrain my imagination. The paranormal realm is a place to flex my creative muscle.

In my Siren Song urban fantasy series, of which The Bloody City is the second installment, the world is an alternate universe in which certain people have paranormal powers and everyone knows about it. However, it has only recently become the subject of scientific study, as for many generations paranormal people kept to themselves and hid their secrets from the ‘normals.’ The fact that science immediately sets about exploiting and torturing them is a good reason why. On top of that, people without paranormal powers tend to fear and revile them. Aberrations and the unknown seem scary and dangerous to people who don’t understand.

My heroine, June Coffin, is a siren—a colloquial term that refers to the fact she can influence people with her voice. This has always been a burden for her, as she didn’t understand her power for most of her life and she accidentally hurt friends and family with it. She’s spent most of her life trying to hide and deny what she is. However, in the first book, The Wicked City, she’s forced to face herself and her capabilities when her twin brother Jason is taken hostage by a scientific institute in Chicago. She quickly gets thrown into a world she never wanted to be part of and has to face the consequences of her reality.

In The Bloody City, things are looking bleak. June and her new friends are maligned and in hiding, framed for a crime they were forced to commit to save themselves. They’re being hunted by a power hungry telepath who wants to destroy Chicago and rebuild it the way he sees fit. Additionally, they’ve aligned themselves with vampires—in my world, dangerous outliers who have no regard for humanity—in order to protect themselves. June then discovers something within her, instead of just outside, is trying to destroy her. She may have no choice but to take the vampires up on their offer of immortality.

I have a host of different paranormal creatures in my books: a siren, a shapeshifter, telepaths, telekinetics, vampires, succubi. I created my own mythology for all of them. June’s powers are something I constructed and applied the ‘siren’ label to because nothing else seemed to fit. Vampires are definitely not glamorous and sexy in my world. I attempt in some ways to explain the powers of all my characters scientifically. I did a lot of research on hormones and receptors and how they would play a role in paranormal powers, also the scientific processes that would be used to study each. It was a lot of fun to create this paranormal world and try to explain it in a way that made sense. I wasn’t bound by the rules of reality or fiction.

I like discovering the worlds other authors have created too, and the rules they’ve made for themselves and their characters. Urban fantasy is such an expansive genre. Authors take all that fantastic world building and dip it into real human drama to help readers connect with it. It’s a challenge, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How about you, do you like visiting another world, where anything could happen? Do you like the idea of authors creating new rules, or do you like things comfortable and predictable?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TheBloodyCity.jpgMegan Morgan is an urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and erotica author from Cleveland, Ohio. Bartender in an airport lounge by day and purveyor of things that go bump in the night, she’s trying to turn writing into her day job so she can be on the other side of the bar for a change. She’s a member of the RWA and author of the Siren Song urban fantasy series from Kensington Books, as well as numerous other shorter, sexy works. She resides on the shores of Lake Erie with her adult son and not-so-adult cat, the latter of which ‘helps’ her write her works by stuffing herself between writer and laptop on a regular basis.

Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Pinterest / Google+


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