Book Tour: Convergence Point by Liana Brooks


Title: Convergence Point

Author: Liana Brooks

Release Date: November 24, 2015

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Format: Ebook


A brand new Time & Shadows Mystery!

Agent Samantha Rose has already died once…and knows the exact date she’ll die again.

Having taken down a terrorist organization bent on traveling through time to overthrow the government, Sam figured she was done dealing with the unbelievable. Finally out of backwater Alabama, she’s the senior agent in a Florida district, and her life is back on track.

Until a scientist is found dead. And then an eco-terrorist. And then a clone of herself…again.

As the pieces start to fall together, they paint a picture that seems to defy everything they know about time and physics. But the bodies are all too real, and by partnering up with Agent MacKenzie once more, they might just figure out what’s going on. And when.

Convergence Point is available for order at  

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I was born in San Diego. I’ve lived in Chicago, Denver, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Kansas.  Mother always said there was a touch of gypsy in the blood. I write science fiction and SFR in a variety of forms. Sometimes I dabble in comic fantasy. I have a superhero romance series with Breathless Press and am represented by Marlene Stringer of Stringer Literary Agency.

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