Week In Books #10 & Mini Book Haul (Dec 8 – 14, 2015)

Hello Readers

Welcome to my Week In Books #10. This was a very slow week for me what with travelling and relocating. I could only read a chapter or two most days. Here goes:

Ebooks Read



hollywood witch hunter

Book Received / For Review

Mini Book Haul

I am including the link for each book to Goodreads so you can have a look at the Summary and add to your TBR:

  1. Poet Anderson…Of Nightmares
  2. Saven: Deception
  3. Hollywood Witch Hunter
  4. Wish For Me
  5. Dream Of Me
  6. Gyre
  7. Of Scions And Men
  8. The Custodian Of Marvels
  9. The Benighted
  10. Murder In Whitechapel
  11. Curse Of Stigmata
  12. The Maid Of Heaven
  13. The Green-Eyed Monster
  14. Negative Space
  15. Waking Gods (Cover To Be Revealed)
  16. The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter
  17. Unseemly Science
  18. Bitter Ashes
  19. Getekend

This concludes this week’s Week In Books! A huge thanks to Authors, Publishers, Curiosity Quills Press, Book/Blog Tours Hosts, NetGalley for review copies and e-arcs.

How did you do this past week? Did you read a lot of books? Any awesome ones?


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