Challenges: Top 10 2015 Day 3: Best Debuts


Hello Readers

Today is the 3rd day in the Week- Long Top 10 2015 challenge. I have chosen to give you my Top Ten Debuts 2015.  Now, for the purpose of this post, ‘Debut’ here means not necessarily the first book written by an author but can be the first book in a series. I know I might be bending the rules a bit and hopefully I’m not offending anyone by doing this. Feel free to check out what the host Fiktshun and co-host,  Jaime of Two Chicks on BooksMindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, and Nancy of Tales of a Ravenous Reader choices are.

Without further ado here are my picks for Top Ten Debuts:

Novice On Goodreads
I loved this and I am dying to read the sequel. This had all the elements I love in fantasy.

Walk On Earth A Stranger on Goodreads
This was interesting and I am hoping the sequel will be better. The abilities didn’t really come into play much and I’m hoping to see that in the sequel.


A Darker Shade Of Magic On Goodreads
Technically , this is not a debut since the author has other written works but it is the first in a new series :). I loved this too. Anything with magic will grasp my interest and the book was well written and entertaining and had enough action to satisfy my taste for fight scenes.

Red Queen On Goodreads
I loved this one too! Yes it has a familiar fantasy trope but it was enjoyable nontheless. I have the Glass Sword ARC waiting to be read as soon as I can find the time, hopefully very soon!


Sugar Skulls On Goodreads
Oh my word! I fell in love with the cover art, then the premise and when I finally read the book, it was amazing. I loved it and I’m hoping for a sequel.

Hour Of Mischief On Goodreads
Loki is the star of this book and I loved the concept of each hour of the clock representing a God. I can’t wait to read and see what what happens in the sequel.


Forget Tomorrow On Goodreads
This was a good dystopian read. Not having read many dystopian novels, this one was surprisingly easy to get into and I’m loking forward to reading more in this series.

The Deathsniffer’s Assistant On Goodreads
What a great debut! This was very interesting with it’s magical and steampunk elements. Also looking forward to the next book.


A Book Of Spirits And Thieves
I didn’t love this one but I liked it well enough that I’m looking forward to reading the next book .

The Stars Never Rise
This was such a fun read! Demons and exorcists and the a conspiracy with the church at the center. Hello! Loved it!!


Voila! That was my Top Ten 2015 Debuts! Cheers.


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4 thoughts on “Challenges: Top 10 2015 Day 3: Best Debuts

  1. Great list and I love how you made a twist to it. I decided to do best book couples since I didn’t read that many debuts. There are so many books on your list that I want to read!!

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