Please Read!! Important!!

Hello readers and subcribers

Some of you might have seen a link appearing at the bottom of the most recent posts asking you to subscribe to my Website. I was planning to move to my new website at the end of the month but this site has been acting up and I have had problems attaching images and formatting posts and due to me having posts that are scheduled, I have had to start publishing posts from my website.
I have exported most of my posts there already but I don’t know if it’s because of a glitch or that’s just the way its designed to work, but only posts up to Jan 31 were successfully exported and definitely not all the images. So, rather than entering panic mode, I’ve decided to try again at the end of the month but in the event that that doesn’t work, then I only have four days of posts to ‘transfer’.

So, what does that mean for my subscribers? Well, I have also successfully migrated all of my subscribers, so the only thing left for your guys to do (the subscribers) is to subscribe to my website. Confused? I was. Apparently, if you don’t subscribe to the new site, you won’t receive the emails concerning new events, so if you still want to check out my content, please subscribe!

To make things easier the name of my website is the same as now (Cover2Cover). So please, followers and my faithful followers and regular visitors, from today Feb 5, 2016, please check ot my posts at