Review Policy

Most of the books reviewed here are received from publishers and are, more often than not, ARCs which might differ in content to the final release . The source of my review books will  be disclosed in the beginning of my review.

Review Policy


I am currently accepting select Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, Young Adult and Steampunk and occasionally paranormal fantasy/romance books for review. You can email me at or send me a tweet @chocomeiske.

I accept ARCs and finished copies of ebooks in .epub format. If the book is a part of a series, I may prefer to read the first novel in the series first so as not to be lost by a protracted story.


As you can see, I love most speculative fiction, and to get a better idea of the type of books I prefer to review, you can have a look at my Recommendations, Reviews and TBR to see what I normally read. If your novel is similar to those , then I would be more than likedly happy to review your book.

While I adore books in general, I am NOT currently accepting books in the following genres:


If I accept a book for review, I cannot guarantee a review within a certain number of weeks, but I do guarantee that I will eventually review your book and post said review to my Goodreads page, my Twitter feed, and my Facebook page. I will also, if requested post to Amazon.Uk.

Please understand that I am not a full time book reviewer, and so I have to find time among my day-to-day life to read and review books, which means that it may take a few weeks for me to get to your novel. I would be happy to acommodate you in case of a deadline in which case I would expect to receive the ebook a few months in advance.


I am not a professional reviewer, so my reviews are just my honest opinion. I will not write a positive review just because I received a free copy of a book. My review will just be what I liked or didn’t like about the book. In conducting my review, I will always try to be fair and honest and will NEVER write deragotory comments about the author. In return, I expect the author to respect my opinion and NOT write nasty comments about me or my blog.

All reviews will include the following:

•Cover art (provided there is one)
•Book stats: Title, author, series status,date of publication or expected publication
•Where I received the book followed by a synopsis
•My summary of what the book is about

•My review: What I liked and didn’t like using a rating out of 5 Star and my recommendation


5 = I loved this book; I would probably read it again.

4 = I really liked this book. .

3 = I liked the book. I had some issues with it  but overall it was a solid read.

2 = I didn’t hate it. Yes, there were things that really affected my enjoyment but I could finish it.

1 = Did not enjoy this book. Would not recommend it and probably didn’t finish it.

Ratings are based only on my own personal enjoyment of the book .

* Please Note: At this time, I will only accept guest posts from authors who publish in my preferred genres and whose book I have reviewed or will be reviewing.

If you would like to be featured on Cover2Cover,or would like me to host a CoverReveal or other promotional event, please email me with the following information:

•Your name and the name of your book
•A brief description of your book (or link to Goodreads)
•Would you prefer to do an interview or a guest post? Am I to provide the topic/questions or would you like to?
•The month/date you would like to be featured
•If you would like to include a giveaway


Please use the contact form below.

Thank you.

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